A book for every child

S&W Books is a family-run publishing house out of London with a mission to inspire children all over the world, one storybook at a time.


We publish children's books, run writing contests, and distribute an anthology of children's writing.


What's New at S&W Books

 S&W Books is a young independent publisher with big dreams: we want to encourage young, inquisitive and imaginative minds to write more, read more, and think more, wherever they are in the world. That's our advocacy.


We think our Little Quills Short Story Writing Contest is a good first step.

We're also hard at work creating more books! We've been hunting down interesting new writers and finding the best young artists to bring you the greatest stories we can. We'll soon be introducing you to our Philosophy Fox series, written by Cambridge University philosopher Dr. Henry Shevlin; a new middle grade fantasy called "Mummy Am I Monster?"; and even a YA magical mystery. Exciting things are coming -- stay tuned!

Global Mission, Local Connections

We believe in a global reach while maintaining local ties.  That's why we try to make sure our books are made with partners that are as independent as we are. We won't lie - we have to sell with the big guys to keep us profitable, but we're always looking to team up with like-minded folks! Contact us if you've got ideas!

Our latest book, Who Am I?, is now available for pre-order in the UK and Europe with a 40% discount! Signed copies while supplies last.

Coming to the US soon through Amazon and Barnes and Noble!