About Us

S&W Books was founded in 2020 by four siblings: Wanda, Niko, Lia, and Kyra. While all originally from Manila, each of them have spent much of their lives traveling and living across different parts of the world. Currently, you can find at least one of them settled in Europe, the UK, or Southeast Asia.

The company, which is named after the first name initials of the siblings' parents, was born from a shared love and passion for education and exploring the world. 

At S&W Books, we believe in the power of storytelling to enrich the lives of others —to help them find deep joy and purpose in learning, develop more diverse perspectives, and ultimately to feel inspired as unique individuals.

We produce storybooks that hold a child's hand through their early moments of personal discovery and learning. And later, once those children have grown, we hope they pass our storybooks down to their own children --- a new generation of hands to hold. 


Origin Story

S&W Books is a family-run publishing house with a mission to inspire children all over the world, one story at a time. The company was founded by four siblings in 2020. To learn more about our origin story (how and why we came to be), you can listen to one of our co-founders, Kyra, tell you all about it in this four-minute IGTV clip.

Environmental Commitment

We do our best to be as environmentally friendly in our business operations as possible, such as by partnering with other eco-conscious businesses; printing on environmentally certified and recyled papers; and using vegetable-based inks.

We know we can still do more in this department, so we're actively working to continually improve our level of sustainability as a company. For any questions or suggestions, feel free to email us!


We're four siblings who all live in different countries around the world. Our team is small and scattered, but we make it work! Wanda is our literary expert, who actually has graduate degrees in Writing and Literature, and who also works in the FinTech industry. Niko is an experienced general manager who helps non-profits raise money for a living. Lia is our early childhood education expert with nearly ten years of experience as a preschool teacher. Kyra is our digital lead with degrees in international business, and is a strategy consultant and marketing technologist by profession.

Business Inquiries

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Get Published - Writers and Illustrators

Are you an author or aspiring children's book writer looking to get published? Are you an artist with an eye for what kids like? S&W Books is always open to hearing from people like you! Just shoot us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


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