About Us

S&W Books was founded in 2020 by four siblings: Wanda, Niko, Lia, and Kyra. While all originally from Manila, each of them have spent much of their lives traveling and living across different parts of the world. Currently, you can find at least one of them settled in Europe, the UK, or Southeast Asia.

The company, which is named after the first name initials of the siblings' parents, was born from a shared love and passion for education and exploring the world. 

At S&W Books, we believe in the power of storytelling to enrich the lives of others —to help them find deep joy and purpose in learning, develop more diverse perspectives, and ultimately to feel inspired as unique individuals.

We publish stories that hold a child's hand through their early moments of personal discovery and learning. And later, once those children have grown, we hope they pass our storybooks down to their own children --- a new generation of hands to hold.