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CALLING ALL KIDS: We know you're full of stories, so why not write them down? Here's your chance to win £100 AND be featured in our upcoming anthology, just with the power of your imagination.

Dazzle us! Come on, we dare you!


Our Little Quills contest aims to promote creativity and education amongst children of all nationalities. Learn more about eligibility, rules, and other details below.

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Congratulations, Lulu! Please get in touch with us! We'd love to send you your prize!

Entry Rules


  • This contest is open to children aged 6 to 16.

  • The winner of this contest will receive a prize of GBP 100. A special prize of GBP 100 may also be awarded to an entry from a younger child (6-8 years old) displaying outstanding potential.

  • Even if you don't win, your entry can still be chosen for inclusion in our anthology - and you'll get paid a contributor's fee!

  • All short story entries must not exceed the absolute word limit of 2500 words. Illustrations are allowed.

  • All short stories must be new stories - they haven't been published publicly before.

  • There is no required prompt or topic. Write whatever you'd like! We want to see you get creative.

  • There is no preferred genre or format of story. Longer stories will not be granted an advantage.

  • Poetry is not permitted, at least not for this particular contest.

  • This contest is international - you do not have to reside in the UK to participate.

  • You may submit one entry per email address. Please make sure that your submissions are final, as we will not permit edits (with an exception to edit contact information).

  • Acceptable file formats are: .doc, .docx, .txt, and .pdf.

  • Entering the competition means you grant us global first publication rights, as well as exclusive rights to publish for a total of two (2) years.  Don't worry, you'll always own your work! What this means is if your entry is selected for publication (even if you're not the winner), you affirm that your entry has not been published anywhere before, and you'll let us publish your work exclusively for two years (after that, you're free to republish anywhere you want!).

  • Entrants who are not legally of age in the country in which they reside must obtain parental permission by filling out the parental consent form.

  • The submission deadline is 11:59PM (GMT) on March 10, 2021.

Judging Rules

  • All judging decisions are final.

  • Parental consent (or consent from a legal guardian) must be obtained to join this contest where necessary.

  • The prize/s will be sent to a nominated bank account in either pounds sterling or prize winner's local currency according to the current market exchange rates.

  • The winner/s will be announced on April 10, 2021 via email. He/she will also be sent a separate email with details on how to proceed with prize collection. If the winner does not respond to the said email within one week of receipt, his/her prize will be void and we will select another story from the short list as the new winner.

  • The final winner will be published in our next anthology.

How to Enter


To submit an entry, please click on the button below: